One specialist series-Pt. 6

During any detail whether you are alone or on a team especially if you’re alone. Managing your paperwork is vital.
If there are others on a detail normally all of the receipts are submitted to the detail leader at the end of the detail.

When I am talking about paperwork in speaking to times you’ve worked and receipts. When you are alone you are responsible for this alone. At the end shift, matter what time it is I enter my receipts on an expense voucher and write down my time to stay on track.

What happens is that when I am done it is almost impossible to remember times and what i did for each day. I keep an envelope to hold all receipts for future records when i need to submit them. One of the worst things you can do is be messy with your administrative responsibilities. Your record keeping directly affects how a client responds to the end product – the invoice.

Not enough emphasis is placed on administrative procedures in schools. Retrieving the hotel folio and splitting the expenses is rarely if ever taught to specialists. The end user may have to spend countless hours trying to figure out what you did and why you did it.

All BPI specialists are keen on paperwork procedures and know how essential it is in renumeration.

If you feel that you need assistance on how to properly submit paperwork consistent with client requirements and IRS rules, send me an email.

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