One Specialist Series-Pt. 7

As I have mentioned before this is the most difficult perspective of protection.  It is more than exhausting and rewarding at the same time, if you are truly doing it right and it is extremely.

Absent the advances, the route planning, contacting the POC’s, setting up lodging and all the other items on the to-do list it is time to work the principal.  The mere working a protectee alone is a chess game within a chess game.  Each movement within the schedule causes you to have to readjust your brain to focus on the next 2 moves and how will I adjust if there is an unknown piece to this already huge puzzle.  Understanding that you have control of yourself and the job at hand will never allow anyone see the wheels turning on the inside.  I liken it to the duck on water analogy.  On the surface the duck easily moves across smoothly, but under the surface he’s paddling like hell.

Working your principal in any situation is a mental game of strategy.  In your mind you are constantly thinking:

  1. “Am I close enough to be seen but not too close that I have to be introduced?”
  2. “Am I too far?”
  3. “Do I have tactical advantage if something goes bad?”
  4. “When should I close in?”
  5. “Is my hold room still clear in the event we have to move there?”
  6. “Is the next location set up like it was when I last saw it?”

These are just a COUPLE of thought firing through your brain.  I like to position myself in a place where I can have visual presence of the entire room, which means that I am often re-positioning myself in a way that is not bringing adverse attention to me or my principal.  How I stand can assist in doing that.  Standing in the standard right hand over left with both just below my belt line, screams security.  For me you might as well ball your fists and place them on your respective hips like Superman and just let everyone know.

Don’t get me wrong, there are times when your stance needs to dictate who you are, but in most corporate details clients prefers a softer look and not the traditional, “Dah dah daaaaaah, I am security!” Look.  Even in the most discreet mannerism a subtle shift in stance will get the attention you need without flexing too many muscles.  The quality of service is “Executive”

Remember, that even in the midst of the heightened responsibility you can not forget the fact that the ultimate goal is protection.  You do not have any luxury of losing track of the detail.  There is no daydreaming of any kind.  No craving of sorts, whether for food, coffee etc.  Any personal drama has to be treated like a cornerback in football-that last play can not affect this next play.  Our minds have a way of getting us way off track, if even for a second.  As Gavin deBecker says in his book “Just 2 Seconds”, all attacks occur at the same time- NOW!

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