Paper Kevlar

You take your client out to eat and he/she starts looking at you like something is wrong. He starts exhibiting behavior that is clearly distress. Hes struggling to breathe.
He is ultimately transported to the hospital. While he’s unconscious the doctors ask you personal and pertinent questions. Are you ready to answer?

In most cases you aren’t. You know why? Because your package as an executive protection specialist is still incomplete. You either haven’t been taught, you stopped, or you have just been lucky and dodged the rhetorical bullet so many times that having a protectee fill out a medical questionnaire is not part of your arsenal of completeness.

There are several versions of this tool floating in the EP private scrolls and libraries but the basic information has never changed. I’m not going to take this opportunity to go over all of the listed information but the basic info is: emergency family contact, blood type, food allergies, history of certain ailments etc.

Heres the rub Stanley. This is a very intrusive document and many protectees may frown from releasing this for numerous reasons. They may be, but not limited to, privacy of medical issues released by you to the public, predisposed illness that may affect their job position and the possibility of not being promoted or maintaining their current status if leaked etc. Trust is the key when revealing this information. If they don’t have it [TRUST] in you, you better work at getting it.

Explaining why you need this document is a way to garner trust by exhibiting your thoroughness. But just handing them this document and expecting it to be filled out and faxed back to you is silly. It’s not going to happen.

Here’s a BPI trick. Tell them to fill it out, place it in a sealed, taped and signed [along the seal] envelope. Then tell them that you will ONLY open it in the event of an emergency. Also let them know that when the detail is over you will return the envelope in the same condition as given to you. Also advise them that at any time they can ask to see it as a sign of fidelity that you are protective of the information.

Don’t take this piece of paper lightly.  It’s time to play like the big boys ladies and gentleman. Stop acting the part and faking it. You have a greater chance of having a client go down from a heart attack or food allergies than that golden sniper round you all are looking for. 

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