Part-time Executive Protection

I don’t have the numbers but I would bet that the amount of specialists that are doing protection on a part-time level is as high, if not higher than the men and women that dedicate everyday to protection. Many full-time specialists are either traversing from one company to another or from call to call. That is the norm and not the exception. The days of old where a company had a hundred or so “on staff” specialists actively on details or sitting at home waiting for a call are a thing of the past.

I remember when Vance International stopped its version of this and guys that were sitting at home collecting a check and not working were then forced to come to the S-98 detail and work. There was strife that followed because the guys that were part-time hourly agents were squeezed out of their hours and replaced with full-time salaried employees.

Those of you that are working a regular full-time job and are a part-time go-to specialist understand this; a company will normally call you when the need exceeds the availability of their regular go-to guys and/or they have exhausted all of their resources. This is another reason why your calls are few and far between. The fact that you have a job keeps your lights on, your bills paid and food on the table, yet you are itching to get on a detail even if it means halls and walls. How do you get out of this stalemate? Increase your network. You need to make yourself available to more networks.

Here is the other issue you will have. The fact that you have a regular job, you are limited, in many cases, when you can take off and how long. Working details on a regular basis will quickly deplete your annual leave. What happens then is that you are restricted to being a weekend only specialist. Your availability and reliabiltiy become a crutch. If you are a weekend only specialist, you are extremely limited when it comes to a company in need. You may be called to render relief for other specialists so that they can have a day off on the weekend, however because you are not there on a regular basis, you can not expect to be front and center with a principal. In most cases you will be relegated to a post position or other non-principal contact needs. For a well versed and experienced company placing a part-time and rarely, if ever, seen specialist in front of a principal can make them uncomfortable. Long term details get into a flow after time and placing someone part-time in the mix can hinder that flow.

Here is the GOOD news! There are countless successful part-time specialists across the country but if you talk to any of them you will find that they make themselves available to more than one company. That’s an important factor in the equation-Your network.

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