Peculiar langauage

Our profession has a a distinct language to it that from foreign ears it may sound cool to some, corny to a few and just out right gibberish to most. But there’s a method to the madness and somewhat secret dialogue.

The terms like Oscar mike is a military derivative of the phonetic alphabet that is short for O and M. The term Oscar mike is another way of saying “on movement”. Or in street jargon ” we’re outta here”.

Conversely, the term delta Oscar is the opposite. The phonetic abbreviation for D and O is short for “doors open”. Or in street terms, “we are here”

Everyone knows “Roger”. He’s the guy from I Dream of Genie”. Hahahahahaha. No the term Roger is the former phonetic word for the letter “R” which was replaced by Romeo. However the word Roger was short for saying “received”. The original term was roger wilco, meaning received will comply.

At any rate this isn’t a “what’s in a word” blog. But more so about the peculiar terms we use to communicate.

There are other terms of slang that are used within the craft that are more descriptive of what we do, like “window licking”, “running slick”, “guns up”, “in the well”, “diamond”, “lead”, advance”, “slider”. There are so many more.

But as you know the one term i don’t care for is BG or bodyguard. That one you can keep to yourself.

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