Pictures speak a 1000 words

Yea, that’s what they used to say before Photoshop, Corel and the other applications out there.

Do we really need to show a pic of UBL’s half shot off head to put to sleep these Area 51 doubters? Not for me. I dont need it to believe it. It’s inconceivable for a lie or conspiracy to take on legs like this whereby even the administrations opponents would agree that he’s dead. Hell, even Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and Bill Oreilly congratulated the President

If I had a choice I’d rather view something that I can learn from. I’d rather see the video of the OP. Ok, I’m back from the dream. But my point is that showing a pic of what a high velocity round does to human flesh is not made for TV news. I didn’t get a relief when the pics of saddams swollen sons pics floated around the world wide web.

Here’s the other issue. Showing the pic can arouse some anger and rage from the silent Sympathizers out there.

For those people saying they don’t believe it until they see a pic, how about this. As you are glued to the tv waiting for it ask yourself this: how many people have you seen on TV screaming on al jazeera ” he’s not
dead”. Not one.

As one of the retired generals said yesterday, ” these people need to take off their aluminum foil beanie and cecil hats and stop circling area 51 on this situation”

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