Pineapple is Wheels up

Another successful OP under the BPI belt handled by yours truly.
The trip ended with an almost all nighter last night. Got back to the RON at 0430 and had to be back up at 0730 to get luggage sent to FBO.

Understanding how to manage a private carrier and VAT forms is a lesson all to itself. Passport management is another delicate process. The overall key is knowing how to deal with internationals in a professional manner. EP becomes executive concierge with the snap of a finger.

You know you have it right when your protectee/client arrives and there is not one moment of delay. He/she arrives curbside with a gentle waving of the hands and expeditiously walks through the mag tunnels onto the vessel.
The only delay is the actual European air traffic delay.

The downside of this trip was my ear issue that is still bleeding and my nose that started bleeding yesterday. I sent my doctor a text yesterday and requested my normal after action check up following any extended detail.

Tomorrow I have a meeting with a new client in DC to secure another extremely high profile client

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