Plan B

Last night I had a 2000 departure from Boston to DC. Reagan airport had a ground stoppage due to weather. Planes leaving were grounded as well as planes scheduled to land were averted. My flight pushed back and sat.

I called my transportation to communicate that there was a possible delay. That being said I assumed that comms would remain open and all systems would be in the ready position for further instruction. At least that’s how my mind is programmed to think.

Shortly after we sat, the pilot informed the passengers that further instruction from reagan would be given in 30 min to an hour. I called my transportation to give a live update only to hear the phone ring continuously. That happened 27 times. By then it was going on 2200 hours and I had to make a decision to scrub my primary operational plan and go to a plan B or my secondary. From a seasoned and grizzled vet I must admit it was quite frustrating.

Finally I reached the call-sign and there was a nonchalant response. “my phone never rang”.

Here’s my take as an operator. If I’m on the forward edge standing ready to administer some direct action or to pick up my team mate I’m gonna make sure my comms are clear and operable. But that’s me! I don’t ever want the blame or moniker placed on me that I missed a movement or an Op.

Any of you had similar incidences.

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  1. Rhino

    Plan B : Call me next time ! I would have came and got you .

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