Policing your ranks

When a Presidential cabinet member goes off the reservation and contradicts presidential policies, there is a backlash that comes right back to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave., Washington, DC.  Sure, the media and pundits will question the that cabinet member, ultimately the blame and finger pointing comes back to the Chief, the Head, the Boss.  Why? Because that member, even though speaking on his/her own, represents the administration.

A perfect example is General McChrystal and his interview with Rolling Stone Magazine.  When the word got back to the President he had to take action.  The Boanerges Group and BPI have worked tirelessly to instill a reputation of professionalism and integrity through years of blood, sweat and tears.  Sometimes there has to be tough actions to be taken.  What those actions are have to be progressive and commensurate to the offense.  There is a saying that, “You are only remembered by the last thing you did.”  It’s almost as if your last action becomes your first impression.  A total reversal of the belief that you only have one time to make a first impression.

I come from an institution (Maryland State Police) where Troopers would be administratively charged for infractions such as: not calling out of the vehicle to get a cup of coffee, not asking for permission to stop at the Barrack for gas and found to be at the pump.  Sure, they may seem silly but if we choose to pick and choose what rules we want to use, the whole system falls apart.

I spend a couple hours a week policing my ranks in an attempt to keep everyone on the same sheet of music as well as staying relevant.  It is the responsibility of all company owners to do the same as well as making sure that your circle is well maintained.  If one of the sheep gets outside the flock you have to send the Dawg to go get it back.


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