Port Liason

Having contacts at airports, train stations etc helps facilitate ease of mobility through terminals and the like.

The ability to mobilize your protectee through any terminal increases your value to them on many levels. As we know, most C-Suite clients are adverse to an overt security footprint and your ability to traverse through a station helps ease that uneasiness.

Celebrities seemingly aren’t as adverse to the image of security amongst their entourage. However, alleviating static possibilities averts unwanted attention and during private moments. Traveling nowadays isn’t a pleasurable experience for anyone let alone people staring and asking the old question, “Who is he/she?”. Or my favorite, “Can I take a picture with him/her?”. This is when your value as a professional can exude itself.

Granted, this is only applicable when your protectee can appreciate your work. Understanding that every port won’t be as accommodating. Notwithstanding the same, you should always establish a PL at the normal airport that you and your protecee depart from. Keep in mind, none of this is an exemption from the fabled TSA intrusion, unless of course you are covering a diplomat who is flying under official governance. Then, they are able to be granted leniency from the strong arm of the Transportation Safety Administration. At point the official protective body is acknowledging full responsibility that the traveler is free and clear of any prohibited items.

Each port has a person you can establish a relationship with and understand what they can offer. Even if it’s a private room before boarding. This helps leaps and bounds from standing in the open.

Make some calls and make it happen.

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