Pound cake

There are hundreds of ways to bake a pound cake. There are various versions of the same. Cooking temperatures and cooking time will vary depending on the recipe you use.

Some additions to the main body of the cake can be added to convert a basic pound cake to a lemon pound cake to a rum pound cake. Ultimately you end up with a what? Pound cake.

Executive protection is just like the analogy of the aforementioned pound cake.

The amount of specialists used are the ingredients and the threat level and theatre are your oven temp. How you deploy your men on the detail is the mixture of the ingredients.

Different schools teach different recipes. Different companies slice the cake in various sizes depending on the end user – the consumer or the cake or client.

BPI has a specific recipe. The ingredients never change but the oven temp can change from client to client. Alternative spices (race) are an option depending on the intended flavor.

I would never profess that my way is the ONLY way to do it. But it’s “A” way that has worked for us and keeps the customers coming back for the pound cake.

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