Pro Bono for the pro bonehead

Rhino asked me today if I was willing to do some pro bono EP for another company that covers VIP’s for a US Military program. Without hesitation I said yes. Why, you ask? It’s a free opportunity to show BPI’s mindset and skillset to other people in the business. Moreover it’s a networking opportunity for me. I know that there are a select few of you saying, “I ain’t working for free for anyone!!!!” I hear you, but I’m looking at the long term possiblities. Remember-“Power of the Possible”

There is a vetting process involved and I’ve sent my bio. So we will see if I make the cut [fingers crossed snikcering]. The company owner is pretty well known in this area and I know some of the specialists and catfish that he has used, or claimed to have worked for him in the past. Some of these dudes are the ones that I have been railroaded by in the past. I don’t blame him for their unscrupulous behavior and I will not assume that in all cases, “birds of a feather flock together”. But I will be there dressed for success and exhibit the BPI Standard.

I hope to see some of you frauds there, then you can fabricate your bio and say that you worked with Eric Konohia and BPI. Good luck with that

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