Process DOES matter.

I don’t think enough talk has been made about the importance of process.  For the sake of this blog I will talk about 2 types of process:

  1. Process you went through to get to where you are (EP and other Training)
  2. Decision making process

Not enough emphasis and attention is made when a specialist is navigating his/her way into and through this industry.  We have all heard the saying, “You are a sum total of your experiences). Take that cliche and restate it this way, “You are a sum total of your training.”  We have also heard the saying, “You get out of it what you put in.”  These cliches maybe quirky or corny but there is much truth to both of them.  My point here is that if you really care about what and how you will be viewed or respected, you really need to take a serious look at where you invest your money and time.  The end result may have you upset or looked upon as not a go-to specialist.  The crux of what you learn in a EP School is the foundation of what you will learn on the job.  The variables in a school are static and set forth for the course and the intended outcome is funneled in a so that the instructor cadre can evaluate.  When you hit the streets you will see that the foundation guides you as you really blend in with the team you are in.

When you go through a school and you get  the diamond formation drilled in your head over and over and over, you start emphasizing where you are in the formation as opposed to the what the real message should be.  When you get on a detail and you over emphasize trying to get back in your right position it can be too overt.

Many schools just glance over the “halls and walls” post of a detail yet they don’t emphasize POST INTEGRITY.  I have seen guys from other teams working alongside us and specialists abandoning their post before being duly relieved.  In fact, I had a MARINE, yes a MARINE work a major detail for me that felt that he didn’t get an appropriate push, walk off to get something to drink.  The client asked why the post was not covered and I investigated it.  When I reached in by radio, I kindly asked him to remove my gear and have a good day.  His decision was a result of process #1 and #2.

Regardless of where he got his EP training, I knew that as a Marine he knew better, however his formulation of thoughts was skewed and outweighed his training.  The mental decision process is an overlooked commodity in this industry.  What you decide and execute can have long lasting and painful results.  When you are sitting in that front right seat and the principal is talking about something and you interject with the answer, that’s a flawed process.  The fact that you can not keep your mouth shut unless he asks you directly is flawed.  The way I view that scenario is this, he/she is trying to see if I am being nosey and listening to their conversation.  It’s none of my business unless I am introduced in the dialogue.

Process is a product and result of Mindset.  We emphasize, “Mindset is Key” because it really is.  It’s the key to success, the key to respect and whether you want to believe it or not, it is key to you getting work.  No one wants to surround themselves or their client around any specialist who has flawed mindset.  The insatiable desire to cut cormers is mindset.  Circumstances can test your mindset.  You are standing post and hungry.  You see a concession stand across the hall from the room you are securing.  Your craving takes over and flaws your mindset and you start rationalizing, “it will only take a second to grab me a protein bar and no one will know.”  Your flawed rationale convinces you to take a chance.  You go and get the bar and nothing happens.  That single incident is engrained in your mind for the next time.  Nothing happened and you feel you made the right decision.  Taking chances and getting away with it is now part of your mindset formula.  Not once do you say, “I shouldn’t have done that.”  In fact subconciously you can’t wait to cheat the system again.

I have never and will never tell anyone how to spend their money nor will I call out any school that I feel does not deliver what you need, however you will hear from me on a constant basis what you should look for and what you should stay away from.  Get your process in order.

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