Project manager needed

I’m overseeing a huge Project in the south. My client is building and I am making sure the security system they want is aggressive, functional and state of the art.
There are several components that we have to deal with outside of our power: the architect, the construction company, the electricians, and last but not least, the landscaper.
During the initial walkthrough we went over the security plan with yhe landscaper and lost part of our plan to bushes and trees. We then readjusted to the landscape plan. About a month ago, which is about a year after the initial walk through, the landscape plans have changed again. Our technology is set. Holes have been cut and wires have been cut. Meanwhile I’ve asked the vendor who is installing the system to overlay the system plans over the landscape plan and see if there are no issues. This was a month ago
Today I came to do a site visit for our site meeting tomorrow. The powers that be heard that we are in town and are now frantically trying to address the issues before tomorrows meeting. We got 2 calls already trying to fix the issue that has been looming for over a month.
My lesson here is that when the next project comes along like this, and it will, I am adding a security project manager.

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