Pull out and protect yourself.

The question comes up, “When do you decline to take on a client”. I live by the premise that “all money isn’t good money”.

Some years ago we were asked if we were interested in providing the site security for a well known rap artist. This individual was and is at the top of the rap industry. He comes with alot of issues to include death threats (almost synonymous with most rappers nowadays). I humbly declined stating that he would not buy into our way of providing protection and it wouldn’t be a matter of “if” but when my insurance policy would be at stake.
Some years after that I got a call to be on a show (reality based) with an actress titled, “Me and my bodyguard”. I declined because I didn’t want my image tainted nor have Hollywood perverse the real professional trade craft.

Today I have a decision to make. We were called by an event coordinator that we’ve had 10 years of working experience to staff a huge detail in about 2 months. The client is very slow making decisions but it’s at that critical time where my deadlines with technical support is ending. If that happens I will humbly have to pull out.
I refuse to try to do a job where I can not deliver the appropriate measures, irrespective of any dollar amount.

The day that you start chasing a dollar and put your standards aside will be the day that you’ll have to find another industry to work in. Wr are already immersed with people with questionable character and morals. I won’t be on that list

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