Pushing through it

The word perseverance comes to mind when you start feeling like that Mack truck hit you. Those of you who have worked long details with a protectee that runs from sun up to sun down know the feeling I’m describing. It’s that time when your eyes are extra sensitive to light, they feel like hot sand is in them and when you blink, they are compromising with themselves whether to reopen or stay shut.

It’s that time when you entire “L” region of your spine feels like someone has shot you with a taser gun and they are still making you ride the lightning.

This is the moment that you find your value and worth with this business and yourself. It is not the time to dwell and daydream about when you’re going to hit the sack. It’s not the time that you memorize and saturate your mind in areas unrelated to today’s movements. But it is the time that you have to….”force your heart, and nerve and sinew to serve their term long after they are gone. And so hold on when theres nothing left in except the will which says to them “Hold on”

We serve at the pleasure of the client and/or protectee and not the mind boggling childish craving of giving up.

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