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Yesterday I was sifting through the multitudes of emails I was down to the emails from Specialists.  I normally deal with this last so that all other pressing issues are handled first.  I received an email from a specialist Frank Morey of Banham Close Protection in the United Kingdom.  Frank and I had communicated on several occasions via Twitter, LinkedIn, as well as email.

Yesterdays email was formed in a very interesting question:

I was hoping to get the benefit of your experience.  What have been the five most important lessons you have learned in executive protection through the years?   I look forward to your response, have a good day. – Frank

The odd thing about my response was that I NEVER even thought about any training or schools that I had attended.  Not one time did that cross my mind for his response.  The best lessons that I learned are the pistons to the engine that keep me preaching from my soapbox everyday.  Sometimes they are hidden within my ranting and often times the message is lost within the paradox.  But I responded back to him within in seconds because in actuality the answer was EASY.

1-Perceptions/Impressions are everything– Clients, Principals, Security business owners and specialists will draw conclusions about you based on their perceptions of you.  Staying relevant, pertinent and informed goes a long way.  What you spew out on social media is a glimpse of who you are when no one is around.  Yea, you may feel that it is cool to curse some policy, belief or action, however your delivery is being construed by the very people you want to contract with and protect, work for and work with.  I have realized that there is a huge generation of indiscretion and a larger population that feels that “Freedom of Speech” has no recourse, when in fact it does.  How you carry yourself, how you dress, how you communicate and how you receive and translate information can drive yourself into an abyss of wondering why you are not being called or used on details.
2-Client relationship building and maintaining- It amazes me how many specialists that I have spoken to over the years that have told me about clients they have worked before.  When I ask why don’t they use you anymore, the answers vary but the root cause is all the same.  They didn’t build a relationship and maintain that relationship.  If you are driven by the fact that you have worked hundreds of principals but don’t have any that call you their primary protection company, specialist, etc you need to take a serious look in the mirror.  Most people will always want to surround themselves with people of like attainment and familiarity.  If you are doing a good job they want you around.  Trust me, they don’t want to have new faces and new characters within their personal space.  Maintaining and sustaining client relationships is a lesson within itself and will be featured in an upcoming seminar.  Look closely at answer #1 and you’ll see that answer plays a major part as to why clients want to sever ties with you.
3-The business is void of true leadership- I won’t repeat myself again on this subject but this topic is a close #1 in my answer strand.  There is a small group of so-called “Go-to” experts in this industry.  Many of the experts that I “had” alot of respect for have seemingly got caught up in the mad race for money and have linked up with other questionable experts in the industry to increase their money factories.  This industry was not built upon sucking the life out of the specialists.  This is a service provider industry that is much different than any other.  Everyday a new 3 and 4 letter organization is being formed.  For what?  You reach in your pockets to join and what do you get?  Discounts to a conference, and seminars that are, really high priced mingling sessions.
4-Many of the so-called experts/leaders are only experts/leaders because of their exposure and not  by what they know- It is said that there is power in numbers and in some cases it is true.  But you can also look at it this way, the larger group gets more attention.  In saying this-YOU ARE SMARTER than what they make you feel that you are. For several months now you have read about topics and subject matters from this blog, my @BPISecurity and the BPI Security Facebook  fan page that NO ONE has revealed to you.  Why you ask?  Because by taking a stand on what they are doing and allowing it to continue in the industry is a contradiction.  Contradictions cost them in flows in their accounts.  So what do they do?  They stand by, let it happen and just duck and dodge the issues.  Ask yourself is that a true leader?  Not in my book.  A leader will correct you and applaud you in the same sentence.  Sitting back and allowing things to go on that affect this craft is COWARDLY.  You are smarter than that.  Recently, I have observed a certain sector, that has maintained quietude on the real issues, starting to put out messages that follow my blog topics.  That’s not a leader, THAT’S A FOLLOWER.  I guess it’s true that in order to lead you have to know how to follow.  I did not embrace this blog or the other social media realm to increase my monetary value but to increase the knowledge that was and is deficient in this industry.  YOU ARE SMARTER than that.
5-Mindset truly is the key to success in this  industry- If you add all of the above answers together and the total sum leaves you in the RED you need to check your problem again.  Your formula is wrong.  The answer should always equal-MINDSET.  Understanding the totality about a client and how your response is consistent with their intentions is mindset.  How you allow yourself to be perceived is mindset.  Who you are attracted to or as I say, who you attach your wagon to is mindset.  Mindset is something that is forged by the way you are reared, your beliefs and attachments.  When you tweet derogatory comments, it says something to your mindset.  Mindset does not have an ON/OFF switch.  Clients and security companies will drop you like the plague if your mindset is skewed.

These were my answers and I stand by my responses.  All of the weapons, high threat courses that I have taken are lessons learned however the biggest lessons are articulated above,  Read and weap.  Thanks Frank.

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