Quiet authority

A persons presence can speak volumes of who and what he is without saying a word. Do you have that?

When you walk into a store by yourself do you notice people looking at you? Your persona can give off signals about who you are.

We’ve all done some people watching before and in doing so you make a general assessment of people by their cadence, stature etc. How we appear can add another dimension to the whole package of who we are and what we do.

We’ve all seen other men and say, ” I can take him.”. That’s based on his inability to portray confidence and his appearance of being weak.

When you arrive curbside and exit the vehicle do you look as if, ” I’m prepared for any scenario imaginable”. Do you look “switched on” or do you appear lost. Are your clothes properly fitting, shirt bloused, tie properly lengthen to your gig line? All of these factors speak to your authority. How you stand on post or how you stand as your protectee does the grip and grin. Trust me, the little things count.

When you’re done and your team gets accolades about how professional you all were, that’s based on mostly appearance. The uninitiated client personnel knows jack about EP, formations etc. They’ve seen the USSS do it and that’s their baseline comparison. No one has asked you about a 10 point advance. They only see you ” eyes front head high to the finish”

A couple of weeks ago when I mentioned that we went to Myrtle grove range with our long guns and handguns, we only communicated amongst ourselves. An unknown lady came up to us and thanked us? For what you ask. I have no idea but she saw us there and made assumptions based off of what she saw. Another young male just walked up and said, “I start with triple canopy tomorrow”. Why? I have no idea. It was the quiet authority we gave off.

What signal are you giving off. Gerber or goober?

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