Remind them who they are working for.

One of the finer details in this industry is proper contract writing.  If you use sub-contractors for your details you MUST include a section in your contract that addresses that you do so otherwise it’s implied that anyone that shows up is an employee.  That being said, I want to address a reponsibility that needs to be stressed upon to the specialist on the ground.

Whenever you use a sub-contractor, who may be a lone wolf or a company with its own assets it is an absolute must that when they meet with the client or anyone within the client staffing mecahnism that they ALWAYS represent themselves as your company.  The client has initiated a contract with your company and even if you are subbing the work out you do not want them using their company name as the provider on the job.  Here are a couple reasons why:

  • You inadvertantly disconnect yourself with your client by having another company front and center with your client doing the work.  It gives an impression that you’ve pawned them off to someone else.  The disconnect could make the client feel that it’s better to deal with your sub in the future.
  • When the company on the ground does a great job, you want the credit coming back to you even if you subbed it out.  The fact that you use a good sub should be accredited to the care you feel about your client and the care you put into staffing the detail with the right people.

Anytime we use a subcontractor I always tell that person or company owner to remind them to emphasize to their personnel that they are working for BPI.  They are not to hand out their own business cards or any other material that does not represent BPI.  This is a safety measure as well as a good business practice.  Any company that practices ethics within its ranks knows the routine and will never cross that line.  They know that the as long as they practice this routine the calls will continue to come.

The same goes for other services like assessments.  If you sub the assessment out and they send you a report on their letter head or template, you need to transfer that assessment to your template before sending it out to the client, unless you’ve already told the client that another company will be doing it.  Keep it consistent on every service suite.

Make sure you have that sub-contractor clause in you contracts as well as instruct everyone involved the rules of engagement when they represent themselves.

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