Revolution or evolution

Revolution- a radical and pervasive change in society and social structure; a procedure or course , as in a circuit, back to a starting point

Evolution-any process of formation or growth, development; a process of gradual, peaceful, progressive change or development

Yesterday I was talking to Minister of The MTMS about some very warm comments I received by Larry Snow of SJCWebDesign about the message that I am pushing through my networks.  Mark made a comment that the message is evolutionary.  I thought about our conversation after we were finished and I realized that by definition it’s more of a one man revolution.  I say more of a revolutionary attempt because I am in no way trying to change what the craft or industry is, but to return it to what it was.

Unlike many diseases in society, this is one that has a known cure and each of us hold the remedy, some moreso than others.  Those of us that have some influence on those in lesser influential positions can further the message with a gentle nudge.  I don’t expect everyone to start swinging the Joe Clark bat but many have the influence of words.  It amazes me how much power that a recommendation from a well known person can have.  Influence is earned by people who value your input.  Take for instance Travis Haley of HaleyStrategic.  When he makes a recommendation about a product it gives that vendor an Oprah sales pitch.  Sales go through the roof and websites immediately go to “Out of Stock”.  That’s influence.  It’s the same influence that Oprah had with her book club.  If you appeared on her show it was an endorsement that made you wealthy after the hour long show.

I bring this up because Larry Snow is not in the protection industry however his ties to the industry are deep.  After he endorsed and pushed my weekly announcement and blog of the day my followers, fans and subscritions skyrocketed by his influence.  I put more credence in his influence than the message.  It was an endorsment by someone they trusted.  There are many of you who either are or know owners and specialists in this industry that have that influence.

My reach is pretty decent and since this blog it has stretched further, however there are still pockets of areas that are highly influenced by leaders in this industry that aren’t saying anything.  I don’t want to evolve from where we are but we need to revolve to where we were.  When people speak of the purity of this craft and how exclusive this level of security is, it’s not describing a place where we envison to go but a place that we remember and want to return.

Guys that are practicing this craft without training have NOT earned the right to wear the badge of an Executive Protection Specialist.  In the words of my fraternity brothers-They are PERPING.  Whether you want to come to grips with it or not, but they are influencing how we are being viewed.  “Inu ka wai awa awa” Drink the bitter water and let’s move forward and return to where we belong.  A Professional Craft.

To those of you that maintain the standards and hold up the EP Banner, I tip my MilSpecmonkey contractors hat with the “1*” patch to you


  1. Tony Scotti

    Eric great article

    1. Eric Konohia

      Mr. Scotti,
      Your kind words are more than welcomed.

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