Right vs popular.

In general we are constantly pulled from both ends and tested on matters right vs wrong, good vs bad etc.

In this business we often toil between doing what is right versus what is popular. Getting caught up in the moment with a client and their extras can make you very likable and popular but is it right? Probably not in my view. I’d rather be viewed as professional any day than “he’s a good guy to be around”. In the end we don’t aim to be liked but rather respected.

When a client says, “we like working with you guys”. Check your six. This statement could be viewed a couple ways.
1-they appreciate your professionalism and don’t know a better way of saying it or;
2-you’ve personalized yourself too much that being around makes their day a bit easier to deal with. The latter is where you wanna stay away from.

To me it would be better if they said, ” we like the way you guys do your job”. Considering most clients are usually miffed by what we really do it’s a testament you to hear them say that.

Embellishing your background is popular in this industry. But is it right? NO! But guys do it all the time. I’ve met more ninja warriors than actually appear on the official DoD JSOC and CIA NOC list. How many marine recon guys are there in reality. I think I met them all. Sike. Just the other day while enjoying a LaGloria I was approached by a former officer who told me he was thinking about starting a protection company with 2 Seals. Off the top of my head I asked myself, ” ok what’s the chances of a former sheriff in Podunk MD teaming up with 2 Seals and going into business?”. Highly unlikely. But that’s the popular thing to say. It’s the soup de jure. Birds of a feather flock together and we all know the guys from Navy special warfare stick together. Why he claimed that beats me cause it made no difference to me but it was the popular thing to do.

Acceptance versus accept me for who I am is two different things. Popularity is fault in character. Doing the right thing may not be popular but it is of sound character.

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