Seat belts

I was just thinking about this the other day and while I was getting out of my car today I remembered it.

I have assisted minister for some time now with teaching the executive protection course at Vance International, Garda world and Andrews International.

It never fails that when we get to the inbus outbus section the question always comes up about wearing seat belts. Some time ago I thought it was obvious that most guys opt to not wear them when you’re riding front right. The reason? Easy exfil from the car. Even today guys still feel wearing them is a hinderance.

For me, I want to be secured in that seat if the driver has to make some dynamic maneuvers. If you’ve never experienced sitting in the front right when the car is in a reverse 180 or J-Turn you’ll understand.

I like to release my belt as we approach our destination and then and only then do I release the lap and seat harness.

Wearing seat belts with a full kit and long gun is quite testy however it’s a personal preference to most PSD operators But here in the states a police officer will probably not care about your EP prowess and/or protection rationale. “Mr executive protection guy, here is a written citation!”

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