Self sufficiency

One of the things I did once we were well under way with our services was saw that the complexities with frequent travel was too much with a travel agent.

We had one protectee in particular that traveled almost daily and changed her schedule just as many times as they were set. This caused a ripple affect to rental cars and lodging.

At the time we were teamed up with Carlson travel, a well experienced group. We had a specific agent that we dealt with, however there were issues when things needed to be changed before and after business hours. At those times we had to deal with the call center. This arrangement became frustrating because they didn’t have the intimate knowledge of our expectations and needs. Hence, many times our team was split up on flights causing a major issue on wheels down in the next AO.

So what I started doing was assigned someone specifically to BPI travel. Thus the birth of BPI travel services. We set up corporate accounts with the major rental cars and so forth.

Now when the detail is over and I’m ready to bill all of the charges accrued are in house. Our travel services understands the security needs when you’re on the ground and makes that step much easier for the specialist and protectee.

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