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Mark-The MODAD Threat Management Solution (Themtms.Squarespace.com) tells each class that we hold that no one school can teach you everything about executive protection. I totally agree. He tells students that MTMS is like a shopping experience. Look at the MTMS course as a grocery store. Go down each aisle and take from it what you need to have a complete shopping experience.

Any school that says that they teach you everything about EP that you need to know is not only lying but they aren’t being honest about their trade-craft. Schools can only give you the basis of EP and that school’s experience in the business. I’ve attended schools from the basic Vance EP course, a counter assault team school (CAT) to a US State Department sanctioned high threat protection course. Each of these schools taught
me something different. I took from each a learning experience that made me a well-rounded professional.

I know of a well known school in Maryland and the president of the school is nationally regarded as one of THE experts in the field. I also saw this company owner operate in a high threat arena and was amazed at how many things I would have done differently. That’s not to say that he couldn’t justify why he was walking around in a well known kidnapping location with a radio in his hand (limiting his ability to effectively respond) nor why he allowed the unvetted intel from a local asset to take his client into a well known trouble area. Even if it was an off the record movement I may have asked the protectee if I could change the meet to a location to our advantage and not at the location picked by the unknown source he wanted to meet.

I say all this to say that the best schooling you’ll get is from OJT. Align yourselves with respected specialists/operators. Mindset is what we teach at MTMS. The ability to take all of your training and respond effectively. As security specialists we have to assess, decide and execute in milliseconds. When an attack takes place the attackers are already on the execute phase. You have to assess and decide quickly in order to even out the playing field and catch up in the execution phase.

Shop wisely and fill your cart with the items you need for a complete shopping experience. Leave the junk food alone and eat lean.

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