Silent Professional vs $ilent Professional

All of the true professionals reading this blog [at least I hope] have read and signed a non disclosure agreement [NDA]. In it, it artuclates that you will not discuss the particulars of the client, the protectee and anyone affiliated with the protective detail. You have a contractual agreement to uphold this confidentiality.

Not all clients require a NDA, however if you work on any of my details you sign one under my company. That’s to protect me from a civil litigation. Often too many times there are people out there under the guise of a protection specialist, but more like an untrained bodyguard, find it too enticing to talk about their client, the detail and his/her lifestyle. These protection imposters find credibility in discussing who they’re protecting and what they are doing on the detail.

Most recently, we all saw Michael Jacksons former bodyguards on the news saying that they wanted to get the story straight for the King of Pop. They felt it was their responsibility to protect his image, even in his death. What they did was discussed further nuances that exacerbated the already ruumored behavior of Michael Jackson. Behind the self proclaimed protective gesture was a plot to make money on the dead pop stars lifestyle. A birdseye view from a bodyguard. Yea right…..gimme a break and Shut your pie hole!

Same goes for the former bodyguard of Princess Diana. It wasn’t enough that she died in a horrific car accident and being pillaged by the paparazzi’s cameras, but she was betrayed by the one person she thought was there to protect her. Hey mate, shut your pie hole!!!!

In all of their attempt to personal gain, they have actually muddied the waters to the uneducated clients who don’t really know the difference in the professional and the untrained, undisciplined bodyguard. There’s a reason why we are referred to as the “Silent Professional”. We are NOT in the business of spreading other people’s business. Leave that to the media. In the meantime SHUT YOUR PIE HOLES!!!!

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