Simplifying the problem

If you take any algebraic equation and solve the problem without using the algebraic order of operation you will come up with the wrong answer.  3 people can do the same equation and come up with different answers.  The order of operation is the key.  The same thing applies to fractions, before you can add or subtract a fraction, there must be a common denominator 1/2 + 1/3 does not equal 2/5. The answer 5/6.  My point here is that order of operation matters in many aspects of life.  And so it does in protection.

We can manipulate the order at times but the circumstances can be rather dangerous.  The examples are limitless, conducting protection without proper training, deploying weapons in a protective mission and not trained properly with deploying and shooting around others etc..  In fact, there was some talk years ago about removing weapons from the close-in personnel around the President.  If you don’t believe me ask any USSS agent that worked years ago.

Where am I going with this?  Simplifying complex procedures into manageable formulas makes it easier for everyone to adjust such a complex responsibility we have.  You can train to 1000 immediate action drills yet it’s that 1001st sceanrio that you didn’t train to that will get you caught like a deer in head lights.  Quite honestly, unless you train tirelessly to every conceivable scenario, you will forget as well as they will all start to run together in your head.  If I teach ALERT-SHIELD and MOVE over and over the specialist will get that engrained in their heads, but the “WHY” is just as important , if not more.

We simplify the “How’ into the “Why”.  By doing this, the “Why” can apply to every “How” situation.  We further simplify the training by breaking down the core principals into formulas that can be quickly associated with any given situation.  For instance, in the very near future my first ezine will hit the net and in it I will give 10 recommendations to success in this industry.  The 10 recommendations come from a formula I came up with.  Initially I wrote the formula to apply to specialists in this industry but as non industry perople read it I was reminded that the formula applies to anyone in life.  The formula will appear in my soon to be released book,  followed by a book I am writing specifically on it.  You see, it is almost ridiculous for me to expect anyone to remember the 10 recommendations 6 months from now but the formula will stick in your memory like your birth date.

In closing, there has been some discourse regarding my diatribes and possibly focused on one particular person, company or otherwise.  My scan  of the industry is wide and long and I’ll leave it at that.

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