Sir do you have your event pass?

On Saturday, a well dressed gentleman appeared at the event we volunteered to work.
I recognized him from the first two nights but he didn’t have any event identification showing that he was permitted to enter on the last night. He advised that he had been there for the previous nights but had left his VIP lanyard at home.
I instructed him to standby until I had someone from the event to verify his admittance for the last evening. He seemed a little perturbed as I went to locate someone.
When she arrived she asked his name, checked her list and gave him a new VIP lanyard. He entered seeming to be still a little upset.
Later that night I was told that he was a clergy and that he was a veteran. Before the event was over he approached me and said that he was thankful for our volunteer service and that he understood my process at the front door.
I’m always reminded of the saying, “look the part, play the part, be the part”. I wasn’t trying to disrespect the clergyman but I wasn’t going to assume that because he had attended the first 2 nights that he was automatically admitted on the last. No Salahi’s on my watch.

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