Sissy game

Growing up our mothers and fathers always taught us, for the most part, to meet your problems face to face. It’s the new age “time out” parents that have averted this type of childhood rearing and as a result we have ended up with a society of “let me get my gun” to resolve my issues generation. A generation of kids that have never had a gentleman’s fist fight that usually resulted in you and the other pugilist as being good friends.

Our craft is totally opposite from all that I learned as a young man. If you’re working the protectee and something goes down, our primary objective is to alert, shield and MOVE. Essentially, running away. Now if you have a CAT or CAV implemented they are the ones that get to have the fun (using the term fun loosely).

Training your mind and those neurons to respond like that takes discipline and training. Fighting against all human nature desired responses is nothing to take lightly.

A great measuring tool for that is the AOP scenarios we do at the MTMS training, utilizing past proven modules that suck the student into tunnel vision and employing an attack that can make even the most senior specialist sphincter pucker.

Another great measuring tool is working a team up to shooting while the close in element is covering and moving a protectee.

BPI free Lesson here: we dont train alert, shield and evacuate. We teach alert, shield and move. Heres the reason why. In official protection, own the real estate in which they are occupying. Their crisis pathways are always, for the most part, cleared by government agents. In the private sector we may only own part of the room we are in. That being said our first response may only be to MOVE to a safer location, establish that it’s safe to move to the next location until we get to the evacuation stage. This makes far more sense to us than running through an unsecured area.

There are a lot of common sense tools that have to be employed in the Sissy game.

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