Softening the footprint

Some clients request a full contingent of specialists for a detail, however they want the footprint to be low. Meaning, there may be 7 specialists on the protection team but when we are moving in public space, where the principal is visible we give the impression that there is less.

Public impression can play havoc on a client regarding monies being spent on security, when they feel it is unnecessary. It is a tug of war many CEO’s play daily. Balancing their security needs with public or investor perception.

We manage this by punching guys ahead to sites we will visit, along the pathways that we walk as well as preposition them in meeting spaces that we will attend.

There is an added value from a security perspective that is gained from this call in the play book. By having people strategically placed along the route within the venue it alleviates walking from an unknown area to an unknown area because you already have eyes on location. This also allows for surveillance detection along your route. Specialists strategically positioned along the route act as a surveillance detection tool as well.

As you pass their assigned areas they can hold or trail the formation as directed. By holding you can preposition them for your egress route and no one is the wiser as tool your moves within the team. Another option is that they can start the push once you’ve reached your location.

Playing this footprint chess game is not an Achilles heal if you plan accordingly but if you don’t, be prepared to look like the keystone cops.

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