Specialist Highlight-Call-Sign OutKast

Every now and again I want to feature one of my BPI Security Specialists to feature.  Today’s highlight is call-sign “Outkast”.  I met Outkast back in 1996 through our Fraternity affiliation.  It wasn’t until a year later that he called me and told me that he was in the business and wanted to talk to me about it.  At the time I was a full-time employee with Vance International and had no leads to getting him any work.  However, we realized that we had more in common than our beloved fraternity.

After I formed BPI Security and the Boanerges Group was well on its way, Outkast called me again because he had heard that I was well on my way as a business owner.  He told me that he and another future BPI Security specialist “Peppermint” had completed their basic EP course and both had their PPS cards.  At the time I was the main sub contractor for VEP on a fulltime detail in VA.  I told Outkast that me and Mark would be doing a close-in detail on a foreign dignitary in Washington, DC and needed a 3rd specialist.  This was his maiden voyage with BPI.  Outkast arrived well in advance of the report time, yet I was taken aback by his suit.  It was a great suit (for Church) but not a conservative suit for corporate EP.  I spoke to him off the grid and he understood.  Shortly after that detail I put him and Peppermint on the VA detail as fulltime BPI specialists.  So thats the background.

I could blog for days about what makes Outkast a great specialist, but what sticks out is his respect for the craft, his humility in knowing that everyday working is a learning experience and his unwavering dedication to BPI and the Boanerges Group.  Outkast has literally traveled around the globe working for BPI and NEVER complained about the long hours nor the environments in which he has had to operate.  On one occasion he arrived on one side of St. Thomas after flying all day and realized that the protectee was located hours away.  He left to make the arrival of the principal, worked the entire day and drove back to his original hotel, checked out and drove back.  Never did he complain.

Outkast also worked one of our most difficult principals EVER and traveled all over the globe with him/her.  This principal could eat specialists 3 meals a day, with his/her approach to protection.  In fact when we took over the detail from his/her official protection they were to do a 3 day transition with my team so that my guys could get accustomed to his/her schedule, habits and behavior.  Later that day while Outkast and call-sign Sage were working the client, the official protection dipped out and flew home in the cloak of darkness.  That was a sign of things to come.  Outkast lasted the entirety of that detail only to take off the night his mother died.  When he called me I was in Florida doing a final excercise and the sound of his pain humanized this 6’4″ gentle giant.  We got him home that evening.

Outkast is an expert in Filipino martial arts and on any given day you will not find him without 5-6 knives strewn throughout himself.  When you talk to him he’s always listening, but if you watch him closely he’s maneuvering his hands as if he’s knife fighting.  As a sidebar and downside perspective about Outkast is that you can not have him working around women.  Without fail the women love him but as he relies on his professionalism they interpret that as being conceited.  Only a true professional knows how to separate work from the distraction.

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