Specialist on steroids

We have all encountered the guy that regardless of whether or not a detail is armed they bring their weapon. They bring an ASP and all kinds of offensive weapons. They feel naked without their extreme level force continuum gear.

An unarmed detail is just that – unarmed. There are many factors other than threat that dictate whether a detail is armed or not. Just because you are legal to carry does not give you a lawful right to prevail over the contracted agreement.

There are insurance parameters that bind a client from engaging in armed security as well as litigation fears. What I also plays a part is that many of the decision makers that hire protection could possibly be averse to guns. At the end of the day an agreement is an agreement.

From a security company owner, if the situation dictates that the team should be armed I am going to push that from my end. Moreover, if I feel that the specific detail would put everyone in harms way I will revert back to the protection of my people and kindly ask the client to not consider BPI. No money is worth taking the risk nor is bringing a weapon to an unarmed situation.

The specialists that do bring their weapons are juiced up in their own mind and basically take the “screw the team” attitude. It’s the same as an Olympic athlete that takes a chance with performance enhancing drugs. You’ll win until you get caught and then the entire team loses in embarrassment.

This is a business and all business rules and laws apply. Cowboys need not apply.

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