Spend your money client wise

As I write this blog I’m laughing. When I execute a contract with a client I articulate what expenses are allowed (I.e. Meals, rental car, lodging etc).

Before I dispatch specialist on a detail I let them know what they can expense back to me for reimbursement. Normally the detail leader has a BPI Amex and will make all meal, fuel etc purchases to alleviate me having to split up personal expenses.

In a normal daily rotation you can get away with a coffee and a beverage on the expense report, however I’ve had junior specialists turn in expense reports with crazy items like. juju beans, gummy bears and chewing
gum. Ok, not that bad but you get the point.

Anything that is not an operational necessity is OFF LIMITS. Personal hygiene items that are purchased is not the responsibility of ABC corporation. Foot and jock itch powder need to be brought from home people.

Also, if I tell you that the client is authorizing $60 per day for meals per specialist, DO NOT open your mouth and ask, “if I don’t buy meals can I get the daily allowance back I’m cash?”. This is not the government per diem program. Get your head in the game sir. This is grown folks business and you’re playing with the big boys now. It’s time to think like an adult and stop playing the, “I’m on the take” game. Where else can you get paid between 35-50 an hour or 360-550 a day plus a free meal per shift? Yet you wanna quibble over the meal allowance.

So Shrek, the next time we order subway for the shift, know that oatmeal raisin cookies are not on the approved specialist reimbursement list of approved items.


  1. Cali

    Please tell me this wasn't Teddy Bear…..

    My general rule of thumb has always been, "Gas, One Meal, and Anything Special the Client Requests." The meal part is optional. I have to eat, human weakness. I've had clients request $4 bottles of water (only the best…) or the NY times and OJ. I even had a client sent me their shirt size, so I could have a spare on hand. Those things get billed back, hell yes.

    Now the mints I get for the vehicle, not so much. The new cooler I buy, not at all. The Umbrella I get, cuz its calling for rain, don't even think about it. Those things go to my IRS write-off file. Even the parking tickets I get, because the client's 1 hour meeting turns into 3 hours, write off, not expense report.

    Big Boy Rules. We as contractors inherit a certain set of costs.

  2. BPI Security

    The difference here is that you're making too much sense. Hahahaha. If sense was common everyone would have them like you. But unfortunately everyone doesn't. That umbrella you joke about, guess what? I've had a specialist ask if he could expense one on a detail. Thats a true story.

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