Staffer muscles

Have you ever worked a protectee who has that one staffer that wants to act like he/she is the actual boss. Most often these wannabes have no security experience.
I’ve had them step in and try to tell me how many cars I should use and not how many I need. I’ve had a major organization staffer it wasn’t important for me to meet the client, who had a threat against him, before we started protection. I was also told that I wasn’t invited to the pre-con meeting before the event. When I found that POTUS was attending the event, I took it upon myself to attend the pre con in order to liase with the USSS. Good thing I did or my protectee would have had limited access to the podium that day to introduce POTUS.
I never stiff armed the staffer but I found a way to navigate through his imaginary lat syndrome (Mark calls it I.L.S). I still got what I needed without having to go above his head.
Kindness goes a long way. More importantly crafty manipulation of a persons personality and making them feel like it was their idea is the actual key.

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