Stay fresh – nothing rotten allowed here.

I receive resumes and bios on a weekly basis.  After starting this blog I have received more than usual.  Here’s a tip for you hungry specialists out there.  UPDATE YOUR INFO!  If i call you and say that I am about to send your bio to a client that wants to see who I am using I can’t waste time waiting a day for you to add the last 2 microsoft suite classes you took.  If your career and staying busy is that important to you then at least once a month take time out to ask yourself, “Do I need to add anyhing to my bio”?  An outdated bio is not a good sign about how you view yourself.  As I blogged before, the best business card you can ever spend time on is YOURSELF.  Would you pass a business car out with handwritten corrections on it?  Maybe you would, but if you come back to where you handed it to me after I leave you’ll find it in the nearest trash bend.  I would rather you hand me a post-it.An updated bio also lets the EP company know that your still sharpening your knife and not settling for that one class you took five (5) years ago.

Stop sending me bios to work if you have not attended an EP school, but you can send it if you’re interested in going to the MTMS school.  Take out that line in your bio that reads, “Willing to work long hours” if you don’t know what it’s like to pull halls and walls for 12 hours without a relief.  This industry is not a fall back because your professional rap career failed or your dreams of being the next Lawrence Taylor failed.  We are in this because it is a calling, not a falling-back onto the next idea.

Stop saying, “Willing to tarvel anywhere, anytime” when you know you have to ask permission to go hang out with your buddies.  Chances are you aren’t going to be able to go to some exotic place because your other half is worrying about what you’re NOT doing as opposed to respecting what you are doing.  You get on the OP and the phone is ringing, with Betty Rubble on the other end giving you the business as to why you didn’t answer the other fifteen (15) times.  “I was working doesn’t work for an insecure spouse or girlfriend.  Leave the drama at home.

I have kids so the next recommendation is close to me.  If you get homesick the remedy is STAY HOME.  We all have forged the front lines and missed Christmas, birthdays, and football games.  If little Petunia’s play is coming up and you’re worried about breaking her heart.  Be a daddy and stay home.  The “How was the play honey” call can’t be made in the middle of an OP.

For you social media buffs, post a d#mn picture on your site.  No picture means you’re hiding something.  Put your bio and experience [what you can talk about] out there on the places that are populated by professionals that can draw attention.  I personally read the profiles of everyone that I follow or follows me.  If your profile is not pertinent to what and where I am going there is no sense for you to follow me there nor am I going to allow myself to get stipened by frivolous non sense.  I am marching to places where the weak at heart have no business and we don’t hand out barf bags.  Fly United if you need to throw up, they give you a free bag for that.  If you are weak at heart, then build your courage to stand up when blood is shed and console another when needed.  Tearing down is in not a lyirc or passage in any of my songs or poems but calling out WRONG is.

I am feverishly working on this eBook as well as the conference call, but I did want to impart some personal perspective from the BPI desk.  Have GREAT  and safe Labor.  Keep spreading the word like scatterlogical warfare so that the security world knows that the noise they hear is coming from BPISecurity.com/Blog, @BP_SECURITY and Eric Konohia on Linkedin.

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