Stay informed=Stay off the X=Stay Alive

I am always open to others ideas and try to keep an open mind about everyone’s perspective.  I have to admit that before I was corrected by a colleague whom I respect from Los Angeles. I won’t mention his name without his permission but so that he knows I am giving his credit his initials are M.M..  I met MM in Las Vegas at a High Risk Protection course taught by SGI. 

He and I were the only 2 minorities taking the course.  The other was actually teaching the medical portion of the course.  One of the instructors was a former SEAL, fresh back from the sand-box from doing High Risk Protection.  This former SEAL was also one of the coaches on the show, “Top Shot”

When me and MM comingled during a break we exchanged business cards.  When he saw mine he said that he had seen my card before.  After further dialogue we realized that he supported one of my teams with a protectee that travelled the world and had stopped at Papperdine University to give a speach.  Me and MM were teamed up to train together through several live fire scenarios and got the chance to see how we operated.  It was then that the friendship was solidified.

About two (2) years ago I had heard about James Yeager through a list serv and visited his website.  I looked thoroughly and saved it to my favorites.  Not too long after that I got several emails from people in the business bashing Yeager about his response to an attack that his motorcade came under in Iraq.  I have to admit that I fell into the trap of listening to them and not seeking information for myself.  That was wrong.  I forwarded MM the emails and he called me.  He spoke highly of Yeager and said that the incident in question spawned the birth of Yeagers company, “Tactical Response” and that he had the right stuff.

About A week ago I got an alert from Amazon about a book that may interest me, it was Yeagers book, “High Risk Contractor in a War torn Country”  I read the book in 2 days and was impressed.  The book is very well written and hits all the points that anyone who is going to do this tyoe of work needs to know from soup to nuts.

At the same time I downloaded Gavin de Beckers book, “Just 2 seconds” on my iPad.  I had the hard copy but wanted the electronic copy.  I started re-reading it.  Although the statistics are different than when he wrote the book, the facts about attack sequences HAS NOT changed.

Keeping informed is just like shooting.  Perishable skills are like forgetting with your memory.  Long term and recency play a factor in what your remember.  We remember things that happened recently because it just happened, however long term memory occurs when the information has some meaning and connection to you. 

Re-reading this book brought back fresh information that had layed dormant in the recesses of my EP mental pelican case.  I encourage you all to read these as well as Paul Howe’s, “Leadership and training for the fight.

Are there any other books that you guys recommend


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