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Tomorrow we will be covering a special event annual meeting for the next 3 days. The last time we were at this venue the Events coordinator forgot to inform me of the pre-con meeting for the event.
At that pre-con meeting she told the head of security that we had intel that protesters may show up. He offered up 2 additional people for the event. She thought he was going to put 2 more loss prevention officers on duty. What he did was have a local company
supply 2 guys to augment my team.

When I arrived on the day of the event I was introduced to the 2 gentlemen. One was a former police officer, the other was a guy that had Security experience. Although he had hired the 2 guys they were instructed to follow my orders for the security of my client.

We had 3 posts. 1 was at the top of the steps. The Second was a roaming patrol of the Lobby and outside to check for protesters and the last was on the lower level at the entrance to te event.

At approximately 1230hours I heard the sound of a Bullhorn and whistles followed by approximately 10 kids ( all around 20 URS old). As me and callsign earplug stood at the door to the evet we saw the intruders hit the lower level screaming and throwing fliers throughout the floor. We both collapsed on the event door to obstruct entry. I radioed the security manager of the venue who responded and had them removed at the risk of being arrested.

After they vacated the building I went to the posts upstairs only to see both men gone. I radioed them to no avail. Shortly thereafter they both reappeared with 2 full bellies. They had decided to take lunch in the employees lunchroom on the 3rd floor of the venue.

I wrote a detailed report to my client whereby she refused to compensate the venue for the 2 extra guys they hired.

Some background. I was doing 1 hour pushes with a lunch break planned fir everyone separately, but without being properly relieved these 2 jokers felt that their hunger superseded the mission. 2 words- NO DISCIPLINE

Stay on post. We all get tired and my guys will tell you that I do halls and walls with them. When it’s time to eat I let them eat first. Always Mission, Men and Me.

I forgot to mention that on this weeks detail I will have all my guys working. It will be me, Minister, Earplug and Outkast.

Let me hear some of your horror stories.

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  1. Rhino

    It's hard to find mission ready guys these days ,most people in this trade now a days think that they are above everyone else ,people just don't pay attention to detail anymore . Too many pre Madonna's out here !I always say hire the handicap they are fun to watch . (joking)


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