Stay ready so you don’t have to get ready.

I’m definitely a proponent of staying fit. Image is everything in this business. Look the part and be the part. Staying fit helps with the long hours and helps staying sharp at hour 12 just as you were at hour 1.
No one knows the day, time or hour when you’ll have to respond. Ask yourself, ” If I have to respond have I equipped myself with all the necessary requisites to react effectively?”.
For me staying ready on a daily basis is going to the gym Mon-Fri at 0400 to train. Then back in the afternoon for cardio. I eat small meals throughout the day to fuel my body. I do this by maintaining the paleo nutritional standards.
When I’m on the road I look for a Golds gym that I can use my gym travel pass for as well as take my bands and TRX suspension system.
Over the last 2 years I traveled to Liberia 26 times and there are no fitness systems. I would wake up each morning and do bands in conjunction with body movements in circuits.
I encourage all of the guys around me to train. In my opinion the best all around way to stay fit for this line of work is crossfit. It encourages muscle endurance, muscle stamina and functional training. The 300+ bench days are not important for me. How long I can sustain at peak level is more applicable to our line of work.
Get up and move. And when you feel like giving up MOVE anyway

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