Staying in the NOW

Reading de Beckers book brings up a topic that I’ve already broached and that is focusing on the NOW and not allowing our minds to think too much.

Thinking is actually a deficit in protection. Thinking is the linking of thoughts and in most cases thoughts unrelated to the mission.

A thought is a snapshot of the moment. Example 1-“Guy with hands in coat – is a thought “
Example 2-“Guy with hands in coat reminds me of the time when we were working the inauguration.” This is thinking.

It linked a current thought with an unrelated incident which takes you away from the NOW. Snapshots keep you current. Try to take snapshots of behaviors related to the mission.

Guy looks nervous
Woman moving to intersect the team
Guys second time in line to meet principal.

All of these examples are current mission related thoughts.
We have to resist the minds desire to think, thus taking us away from current time.

As Gavin de Becker says, ” all Attacks happen at the exact same time- NOW
He also says that the “undisciplined mind is a constant assembly line that painstakingly produces thousands of useless gadgets every hour and only rarely puts together something of value.”

So lose your mind and come to your senses.

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