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I am earnestly trying to educate, translate and bring attention to our craft. In doing so, my intent is to “Lift as I climb”. If, along the way you feel that I am stepping on some toes, then move your feet and watch, look and listen.

As Mark told me yesterday, there is a void in this industry that needs to be filled before the vacuum sucks up the wrong persons to the forefront. My duty is to not only protect my clients but to protect this Professional craft and the very few left in it.

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  1. showtime

    There is a void in industy. You have under trained, under educated people which passing themselfs off as personal protectors. You have meatheads causing more problems than what there are hired to stop. Just because your homeboy is a gym rat dose mean he is equiped to provide you with protection.

    How counts have there been of so called protectors cause problems to their cleints. It takes a special person to be in this game.

  2. Cali

    Even worse guys, the void is growing from the "education" programs. Places that feel the tuition paid is merit for a stamp of approval. Places that, rather than teaching fundamentals, pass the mandatory time with jokes or "war" stories. These "training" or "educational" institutions are becoming breeding grounds for the "bodyguard" mindset.

    I'm sure, we've all had that one guys, either on a detail or trying to get vettted. That one cat, that obviously never learned that discrete is better, that was never taught how to deal with a client, that never trained walking formations (or walking at all). We all know him, the guy whose references don't pan out, and his "experiences" don't add up…

    Way back when I got my start in this line of work (20 months or so ago) I heard the fabled stories of "that" guy. But even back then, "that" guy was the exception, not the rule. Not sure if anyone else has noticed, "that" guy is becoming more the rule now. The past few longer term details I was on, "that" guy became "those" guys. They out numbered the solid thinkers, the truly educated (or educating), the real deals. The first few I had the displeasure of tolerating came from Noname Training Academy or the like. But as I met more, they were coming out of what I had always thought of as good institutions.

    Makes you wonder, have the training and educational institutions changed how they view of the craft to suit what the mass populous of mouth breathers think of it? Have they traded the USSS training books for "The Bodyguard" ? Has the bar been lowered? We all know that VA DCJS is a revenue builder more than a regulatory body, in my eyes, more and more of the schools are becoming more about revenue than quality.

    We all have been shaking our heads at the bodyguards out there, beating up West Point Cadets for standing too close to bags and the like. Shouldn't we be shaking our heads at the places that taught (or didn't) them how to react? Our new wave of recruits are gravely handicapped by the very schools they are paying for.

  3. BPI Security

    I present to some and introduce to many – Cali. One of my guys.
    You are right on point. And it's that mindset that you can proudly wear the BPI battle flags.

    Schools have definitely been money hookers with no happy ending. There are still some out there. Of course I will proudly wave the MTMS flag for Mark not only because he's my wing man but because he has NOT lowered his standards but has evolved with the impending threat trends and how it relates to corporate and HTP protection.

    Chuck Tobin has another sound training ground. I don't think he'll mind the shameless plug. But I will endorse good at every turn of the corner.

    Since this blog I have received countless emails on what are the bet schools out there. I can only attest to the ones that I know of. I welcome any invites to attend and evaluate a school and I will endorse them from the highest mountain.

    MTMS is getting back into the private sector of training. Over the last several years mark and me have been training proprietary teams across the globe but the void in quality education is like the difference in going to a 4 year college or just graduating to the 13th grade.

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