Stop this HR-218 madness

I am going to post, send, submit, messenger pigeon, pony express and whatever other methods there are known to mankind, the rules on HR-218.

The social networks and other sources used to garner armed protection is being flooded for the HR-218 requests.

These national carry licenses are NOT, I repeat are NOT the same as a firearms endorsement card used in states that license armed protection standards.

The law clearly specifies that the holder carries the weapon for his/her own protection. This national carry permit does not circumvent the state and local licensure requirements.

What I believe the nexus of the flood is the request by either the client or the security company to have former law enforcement personnel on their details. I have been quoted and have written to nauseum on my position on police officers and executive protection. For the record I feel strongly about the fact that just because a person is or was a police officer does NOT make him or her a protection specialist. Point blank!!! With training-YES, absolutely.

Those of you out there that are staffing with untrained officers at the clients request and not educating your clients-shame on you!

Those officers out there that knowingly put your names in the hat to do professional executive protection and haven’t attended a basic EP course, this is what I say to you. Would you allow an SPO with arrest powers come work with your department without going through your academy? Well thats what you’re doing to our industry. Having the legal power to carry a gun with the ability to make an arrest is NOT necessarily what I need. However, there are times when I have called the local department for off duty officers to “assist” in the event of protestors or a possibility of unrest. In those instances having your presence fits like a glove.

Anyone reading this blog for the first time and wondering who do I think I am to be so critical of police. I am a former Maryland State Trooper and I speak from personal experience from both sides of the spectrum.

Stay in your lane.

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