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Executive Protection is that boutique shop within the Security mega mall.  We are surrounded by all of the well known anchor stores that hold the premiere real estate within the shopping arena.  We are positioned in the area less traveled, hence shoppers don’t really know about us until they happen upon us.  That’s what the craft is within the overall security spectrum.

Our store has an open door.  The dichotomy of this matter is that we profess to the the elite of security services yet we have no security posted on the doors.  We have rogues, crooks, lawless and felonious individuals coming in and walking out with our goods.  Harsh?  Maybe, but that is the best analogy that I can make to get everyone’s attention.  How is it that clients pay us a premium price to protect them and their possessions yet we are the worse at doing the same for ourselves?

For the “most” part, you’d be hard pressed to find someone go purchase a security uniform and approach a client for a security guard job.  Nor have I read, heard or otherwise where that is a major issue within the security guard industry.  For the sake of this blog I am not referring to the criminals that buy a uniform to further their criminal intent or those that have an infatuation to police and put on a uniform to illegally further their warped behavior.  I am literally talking about people that will buy, let’s say a Pinkerton, uniform and work an office building under the guise of working legitimately for Pinkerton and getting paid.

We are a small nation without borders when it comes to the vast amount of illegals meandering within our property and reaking havoc on what our founders set forth.  This is a case where all of the good specialists within the nation are looking in-bound and not covering the attack upon our principal-The Craft.  How can this be?  Easily, most specialists and company owners are grinding so hard to get work, establish client realtionships that we have abandoned our very own house.

Wake up and think about what is at risk.  Forget about what clients you don’t have, that is not the issue.  Here is the issue as I see it.  If we continue to allow this ship to go unsteered we are bound to crash in to the government’s front door.  This industry is an untapped diamond mine for regulation.  It is screaming for attention because we are allowing these continued incidences of violations of trust, disclosure and unvetted violators.  The numbers of unlicensed jokers working within our industry is staggering.  The amount of recent tell tale books, just this year is embarrassing.

I surmise that the subscribers to this blog are the real specialists and anyone that has no interest in hearing me speak about them would not subscribe.  Many of you have asked why I veered away from the operational and tactical lessons and my answer is the best lesson I can continue to give right now is getting everyones attention.  Clearly, there are people out there that don’t feel that a tell tale book is a violation.  I took a poll on facebook asking that same question and there was one (1) non security individual who thought there was no problem with it.  It is apparent that we have the same among our ranks in the industry OR they are too afraid to say anything.  When I posted yesterday’s blog on twitter, it was retweeted a number of times, but of all the so-called expert protection specialists on the twitter feed-NO ONE, I repeat NO ONE commented.

We claim to be willing to put our lives on the line for the protection of another yet we won’t do the same for ourselves. in Hawaiian we say KU’E.  That means STAND!!!!


  1. Kent

    Hey Eric,

    Good post today and the previous one regarding specialists selling their story. I appreciate the info, your candor, and insider’s point of view. I totally get where you’re coming from. Not only do we need to protect our client, now we have to protect them from us too? That’s crazy. However, while it’s a topic for security specialist to discuss, it’s not so much one I want to “put out there” for potential clients to hear. If they ask me, I will tell exactly where I stand and assure them that my personal trust is not up for the highest bidder. This behavior clearly erodes the very essence of personal protection and trust. It’s a shameful part of our profession, and perhaps those “experts” did not want to air the industry’s dirty laundry more than it already has been?

    Blogging and social media is still new to security. I’ve always found the line between op-sec, and keeping the reader engaged a fine one.

    Happy Holidays to you and keep up the good work!

    1. Eric Konohia

      Thank you for your support. I am not sure if you are in the business but I am glad that people are getting awareness from my sites.

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