Sweat through

This is a term I was told that is used by the USSS PPD shift. We’ve all experienced this horrible feeling.

You have on a your suit and you’re working in blistering heat. Something like it is today. You start to sweat and it gets so bad that it comes through your suit.

As you mount up in the victor you feel the nasty sensation of wet clothing on your body. YUK! What to do? Unless you’re going back to the hotel, you have to deal with it.

3 years ago I was arriving in Monrovia Liberia about 2200 hours. As the door if the private 7 series plane opened I felt the heat transcend the the fuselage like a lion in the Serengeti. That heat jumped on me like a silver back gorilla in mating season.

Minister boarded the plane to give me an info dump on the grip and grin. All i saw was his lips moving. I was totally mesmerized by his soaked suit and the beads of sweat flowing from his bald head. “Surely it can’t be that bad out there”, I said to myself.

As me and the protectee exited the private plane the African humidity took my breath away. We were on the Tarmac for about and hour and then transitioned to the presidential lobby that had no AC and a meet and greet of about 150 people.

By the time we got to our rooms that night I realized that I could not use that suit again for that trip. The sweat coupled with the heat had ruined any possibility of a second wear. By the way, there are no dry cleaners in Liberia if you ever travel there.

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