Take that bling thing off

We use color coded lapel pins at BPI. We switch colors daily and give the color of the day the night before. All BPI specialists earn the right to wear the pins. I don’t give a pin to just anyone. Those pins mean that you’ve proved yourself to represent BPI and it’s standards in front of a client.

There are specific rules on what details they are to be worn and when they aren’t. Under no circumstances are they worn if you’re working under another companies contract.

This brings up my point. There are many of you who have collected and were given pins from schools you’ve attended, embassies and/ or their protection teams of their countries. I don’t give a fat monkey if you wear them while you’re shopping at Safeway of out about on the town. What I won’t allow is for anyone to wear a lapel pin that is not associated with my company while working for me.

So you can take of your FOP, Embassy of Whodat country, 9 (you know who) and whatever else there is, off when you’re working under my flag.


  1. Rhino

    Does this mean me too with my RH detail pin ,if so can you hook a Brotha up?

  2. BPI Security

    You're not RG. And you dont wear the pin on a solo pin. I actually forgot they gave you that pin.
    We can talk later about how the pin works.

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