Team meeting

On our way to the AO today. Once we hit the ground and check in the hotel I will conduct a team meeting as usual.

The purpose for our team meetings are for last minute changes, assignments, handing out equipment, call signs, and general admin instructions.

This team, as always, was hand selected, even though i have included 2 new specialists on the team. A sort of trial by fire, if you will. This will give me an opportunity to evaluate as we go because I don’t cut specialists loose on close-in details that haven’t worked alongside me, Mark or Brian.

Additionally, I am making one of my new additions the lead advance at the main venue where the principal will be frequenting. The additional 6 personnel will support the formation as well as leap frog to all off site and OTR’s when deemed necessary.

Our client and principal is very PRO – EP and gave us high regards after last years initial engagement. The irony of this is that last week when we were working alongside Government team the principal if this week witnessed us doing an arrival at the RON. He smiled as he witnessed from outside the formation, what it looks like when he’s the principal.

I will keep you informed as the week progresses as well as tweet the QOTD. Make sure you follow me @BPI_Security on twitter.


  1. Rhino

    Good luck guys up north continue to polish that BPI brand and make us shine continue to lead the industry as the industry leaders. I Wish I could be there with you guys, Let me know if anything needs doing back in DC.

  2. BPI Security

    The team appreciates the encouragement. Send protection drivers ASAP. I'm pulling what hair I have left-OUT

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