The advance packet

Professionalism is a big word to define and even harder to perform if you don’t know what it looks like or even smells like. Here’s a common practice that goes a long way to your professional mindset. If you say and claim you do protection like the USSS, then start acting like it.

One of the things that we at BPI do on details that have multiple trips is hand out an advance order or packet to our detail. This entails leap frogging an advance person well ahead of the team.

In 2007 on my first trip to Liberia, Minister flew 3 days ahead of the group to assess the country since his time there under the USMC flag. We knew that my arrival would be at night and the airport was still in ruins from the 20+ years of civil war. He emailed me an advance order that depicted exactly where the private 777 would be chalked and how the grip and grin would unfold under darkness.

Upon my arrival Robertsfield airport looked like I had already been there, thanks to the in depth advance packet I had received from minister.

Our standard order uses pictures as well as clip art that shows primary and secondary arrival points, walk routes etc. Each is backed up with a photo of the actual door etc. Arrows indicate pathways as well as safe rooms.

At arrival locations I even make notations of persons other than security who are expected upon curbside arrival. These persons could be POC’s, venue staffers or otherwise.

The advance order is emailed in powerpoint to the team prior to their arrival so that it can be viewed as such or printed and viewed individually. It is the responsibility of the detail leader to make sure everyone is “dialed-in” upon arrival.

I am happy to send you versions of this if you email me after registering for the newsletter. Only those persons registered with this blog will receive a redacted version.

Try this process out with your company or team and i will assure you that everyone will be more comfortable on location. Additionally, it goes to your professionalism and dedication to this craft. Anything short of that is perping the real thing.

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