The benefits of professionalism is fellowship

My first rule of internal business success is: take care of your assets and they will take care of you. On details I make sure my men eat first, and take breaks when needed.

On a personal level I make an effort to make sure that they all know that I won’t ask any of them to do what I won’t or haven’t done myself.

I like to fellowship with them over coffee a meal and training. Today we did all three. I asked 2 of my newest assets to go shooting with me, mark and rhino. We arrived at a range in Charles county Maryland and were met with some resistance from some guys who clearly were either bothered or intimidated by the 5 guys wearing kits, thigh rigs and kitted out M4’s. To the point that one guy, who claimed he was recently hired by triple C asked how long we would be shooting in order to give up a lane.

We were asked on at least 3 occasions who we worked for. Easily I resisted the opportunity to brag that I owned the company, I played into the mystique that permeated the range, by saying that I was a quality assurance guy for subway.

The best part of the day was realizing that Mark accepted the new guys as part of the team. He may never admit it but when he joked with them over the small things I knew his comfort level was there.

We discussed matters of BPI that are normally shrouded behind the vail of the Boanerges Group and the fellowship ended when i told them that we would go to the BPI “Farm” to do and share the training we’ve learned from the Texas boys. The training we’ve received from the lineage of the famous “D” man.

The benefits of professionalism.


  1. Chris

    After this training event, I was conversing with one of my newly found mentors. As we discussed training and work, he made a comment to me, and it really hit me. His comment, "Its always nice to find solid warriors, to charge into the suck with." Now this might seem overly barbaric, but it rings painfully true. I've found in this business, this area, that the majority of the agents are not who I'd like to charge into any situation with. A lot of the agents in this area fall into one or more of the following categories: unfaithful, unreliable, dishonest, self-absorbed. Of course, there are the diamonds in the rough. The true students of this career. To all of you who say what you mean, do what you say and take pride in yourself and your name, I'd proudly charge into the suck with you.

  2. Rhino

    Bravo Chris , well put ,I think that the BPI team has a well vetted and well trained contingency and we are a protection force not to be reckoned with for the result will surely be all bad for whoever the aggressors
    shall be . I truly believe we have a A team in the industry and I would not want to work any other team. Glasses up gentlemen ,here is to the best on the job.

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