The bodyguard or luggage guard


Ok, I was getting tired and winded about the constant bodyguard buffoonery and shenanigans but this is the creme de la creme of all asinine events I’ve seen.

Ok, I’m assuming you’ve already viewed the the above video. Although it takes some time to put together what’s going on, it’s clear that the guy in the yellow shirt is being pummeled by 3 guys. To the point, that he attempts to get up on his own accord to no avail.

Here’s what is told. I say it that way because there are 2 sides to every story and somewhere in the middle is the truth notwithstanding.

The gentleman in the yellow, is on his cell phone, apparently too close to the Grammy singer’s (Patty Labelle) expensive luggage. She apparently winds down her window and deploys her bodyguard to distribute an a$$ whipping on the gentleman in the yellow. Their story is that he attempted to get in the limo.

Now, I’ve run across countless professionals who argue over whether they would carry luggage. But not once has their been an argument in my circles over whether anyone would dispatch physical harm against anyone standing too close to Luis Vuitton carry-ons.

I’m a bit confused here. If the bodyguard claim the man was attempting to get in the car, why wasn’t the driver instructed to get off the “X” and drive off? Why you ask? Because these thugs are untrained and lack any professional where with all to understand the rules of protection. They were apparently dispatched like pitbulls trained to attack. Moreover, once the first thug deploys himself in an aggressive attack you see the monkey see, monkey do maneuver. The same maneuver also known as, “let me get some if that” training module in the thug bodyguard training manual. Lets assume there was a legitimate threat, these goofs committed all of their resources to the threat and left the protectee unprotected and in a vehicle whereby the driver was still stuck on stupid.

I have a fraternity brother who suffered the same misgivings by Allen Iversons bodyguards for standing too close to him in a club. That case settled for several hundred thousand dollars.

It is our professional duty to do everything within our power to extricate ourselves from being lumped in the same grouping with these jackasses.
I believe in supporting our own but they are not of the same fabric as me. If you look at their resumes I’d bet a dime to a donut there isn’t one hour of training. Not one second of professional work history. What you’d find is stale air that has found it’s way in the industry of Bentleys.

Now to the Houston officer who responded and then took a picture with Ms Labelle. To you I say, turn in your badge and get a job at Krogers bagging groceries. You are a disgrace to the fine men and women that protect and serve. Your day in front of a hearing board is coming. It’s no wonder that your report focused more on the fact that you smelled alcohol on the West Point Cadets breath than the facts that were presented.

I had decided a couple weeks ago I wasn’t going to give this story the light of day but I got an email from Minister and Panther (former police officer) both of whom groomed me, about blogging on this.

“to us, the men like us and the damn few left”


  1. Minister


    You know I agree with the respectful offering of not arm chair quarterbacking but I also agree with the adage of policing our ranks. This is important to me not only for academic reasons but one of business development within our craft. Our success in this industry is garnered by our ability to gain the confidence of our clients and appreciating the intimacy of our service. That doesn’t always mean sliding across the hood of a car or having really good splits. When these situations are allowed to capture the rest us within themselves and we don’t endeavor in separating ourselves from this clear lack of process not to mention disproving a stereotype of thugs in black suits and Kangol hats cocked to the side and of course the 15 button suit, you know Eric, from the TD Jakes series, we do all of us a disservice.

    Why this should be important to all of us is the inaccurate perception that any media may inadvertently cast our way. It is critical that we all stand up and educate watchers but more importantly purchasers of our service that there exists a higher level of delivery and that most of us are not simple “catfish” lacking skill, professionalism or real experience. So many times the “golden bullet” is nothing more than making the right decision or avoiding problems if not merely deescalating one, all lacking one catfish characteristic, EGO! I am not even going to call this crew of two boys and a girl “bodyguards” they don’t rate even that classification.

    I don’t need the officer’s report or anything more than the video to determine that they were so wrong, even if the subject was “trying to get into the limo”. Anyone that takes the “you weren’t there position”, I would argue simply that I saw enough to question the trade craft of those individuals involved and am more than willing to hold a clinic on the 123s on exactly what was in the video and what happened was tactically incorrect even if the subject was tying to get into said vehicle. I am sorry I didn’t make more reference to the “luggage” piece of this story because if that winds up being the only catalyst here the vomit that is already creeping into my mouth will then wind up forcibly all over my keyboard.

    Please send them my way my friend!!

  2. BPI Security

    I'm not agreeing with you because we are partners but I agree because we are of the same ilk.

    Point of clarification here, I didn't label these fools bodyguards, they actually told the police in the report that was their job/responsibility. What I did do was utilize other adjectives that came from the acid flowing from my esophagus that precedes vomiting.

    What I did try to do was not turn this dog and pony show into a training module but instead voice the opinion of many of the professionals who reside in the quiet corners of this world and are unable or too afraid to separate themselves.

    I implore all of the naysayers or supporters of these nuts to challenge me on what you see as appropriate. I, my friend, stand ready for that debate. All day, any day.

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