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Yesterday I tweeted, “Open door BPI Blog” where I asked my followers if there was a topic that anyone wanted me to blog about.  Along came a response from @Owensolid who boldly asked me to blog on what Qualifications BPI looks for in a specialist before bringing them on board.  He went on to say, “first cousin rule excepted”.  That second exemption he posted told me that Owen has been reading and paying attention to a standard that I live by daily.

Let me first address the First cousin rule for any of you that have not read about it.  The first cousin rule applies to specialists that are already in the circle of trusted specialists as well as service providers that BPI uses.  Everyone that works for BPI directly or as a subcontractor has gone through a period where our standards and the bar we set is clear.  That being said, if a specialist wants to bring a new person to the table for consideration, the responsibility is upon them to have already seen these qualities in that person.  That responsibility is not something we take lightly because the ultimate responsibility falls back on YOU.  If that new specialist screws up, it’s on you for bringing him to the inner circle.  The same goes for companies that we call upon to augment or fill details across the globe.  Who you put on the detail should be reflective of BPI’s standards and NOT yours. Why?  Because they are ultimately representing my company and my relationship with my client.  Believe me when I say that the people close to me are reluctant on recommending new people, however in the last year or so, Rhino has brought to the circle two (2) SOLID guys that I hold and respect dearly.

Now to address the possibilities to those specialists out there that are interested in getting on board with BPI.  First and foremost, I have buried the old premise that you have to have either military or law enforcement experience to excel or be on my team.  In fact, the two (2) specialists that I referenced above have neither and come from backgrounds that are light years away from any security perspective, yet when they walked into this craft they engrosed themselves in training and sharpening their skills, understanding, mindset and tradecraft in this business.  Today, they both continue to attend courses to build their capabilities.  There is no real recipe for me but there are certain qualifications that must be present.  You will be surpised that the qualifications to get a “look” is not as stringent as people would believe.

In order to get considered to be on the BPI list of sepcialists one must have at the minimum the follwoing:

  • A basic EP course completion and certificate of completion
  • Evidence of constantly honing your skillset through various training/seminars etc
  • Licensed to operate in the jurisdiction that they operate primarily in
  • Clean reputation within the industry (no catfish allowed)
  • Ability to work within a group dynamic evidenced by their bio
  • Ability to work autonomously without constant direction

Besides the above, you should have a passport if traveling is in your bio.  Speaking of that, I critique everyones bio for content, relevance and for the key entries that I refer to as a ‘Lie-ography”.  Stretching the truth be look relevant and cool only tells me that you will take chances on my clock, especially when you’ll stretch the truth on your own name.  I have lost count of how many resumes and bios I have where people say in so many words, “Protected the President of the United States” at some event, where in fact you were not.  That will not get you anywhere with me but the File 13 pile.  Keep your bios relevant to the position that you are applying for.  My very first job at 15 was digging graves and cutting grass at a cemetary, but it is not relevant for any client eventhough it molded my work ethic today.

Lately, I have received bios from my followers on the social media seen.  I watch as well as police my own people on what you tweet, how you respond to others.  Your branding is a direct reflection of what you feel about yourself.  I recently disciplined one of my own for going off the reservation in the social media scene after we already had a conversation about staying RELEVANT. 

If you are willing to adapt to the BPI way of life you are welcomed to send your bio for consideration.  I contact in one way or another everyone that sends their information.  I have met guys in Starbucks, over the phone as well as webex to further their process.

So Owen, I hope this answered your question.  I’ve been watching you and your ALLAK47 blog and I am impressed


  1. Kai M. Joy

    Mr. Konohia,

    I hope that you are well. I am new to reading your blog and was wondering if you could tell me what a “catfish” is?


    Kai M. Joy

    1. Eric Konohia

      Good to hear from you. Catfish is a label we give to the guys out there that make it their practice to steal clients. It is a prevailing issue in my area particularly. They have a distinct M.O. and I have been a victim of it on 2 separate occasions. Little did I know that even the second time I thought I was covered by a vetted group they had close ties to the group that got me the first time. After that seconfd incident we tightened up our process.

  2. Kai M. Joy


    I thought that might be what it meant but was not sure. Thank you for clarifying. I am new to the whole twitter thing (@NISconsulting) but will be sure to follow you through the linkedin posts and your blog page. As you know we are always here to support you with any detail needs you might have in the Chicago area.


    Kai M. Joy

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