The building blocks of Mindset is key

We (BPI Security and MTMS) just completed our first “Open” course after years of committing our training services to corporate proprietary teams. In doing so there were sections that had been removed from the corporate course that did not apply. These sections were reviewed and updated based on today’s trends that we have adjusted to from the operational side.

The MTMS flag now waves from two (2) poles, corporate and private. BPI specific courses are vetted by me, because these students will fall under my battle flag. Secondly, even though they are free to work as an independent with any other company, I am very careful who I put our stamp on. That being said, I review bios for content and not specifically for experience.

Our teaching premise is “Mindset is key”. It is easy to teach people the fundamentals of protection, however the “WHY” is more important than the Diamond, the Slash, or the Box formations. As we see it, too much emphasis is put on the integrity of a formation and not enough on the mindset that is key no matter what formation you are. In the private sector maintaining the integrity of a large formation is almost impossible due to people walking in or around your formation. If you start pushing people around because you are too caught up in the “left front” position of the diamond, you have deviated from your mission.

We teach the reality of protection. The reality in CONUS is that you’ll be assigned by yourself, or with another specialist. If you are taught specifically to a larger team dynamic (which rarely occurs in the US) you’ll be a fish out of water when it’s just you or you and another specialist. Where’s your Diamond now, and how do you adjust? As yoru gradient scale rises, your protective mindset evaporates. Why? Because you weren’t taught how to work in a smaller or one man protective sphere.

We teach from the small to the big. The simple to the complex. It’s like building blocks that allow every specialist that attends out courses to fit in effectively under any protective mission. You all missed a GREAT course. During the exit interviews every last student said that they were honored and one of them that had done some level of protection admitted that he saw where he was doing it wrong. In fact, he was told to attend the course by another experienced specialist who knows how we GET DOWN.

SO….. the next time the offer goes up for the MTMS course, you need to really think about whether you need to sharpen your skills, or learn the Mindset is key way. There are any guarantees in life, but one thing is for sure you’ll leave with a different personal view of protection and bigger view of what you’ve been told is the right way to do it.

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