The call up for the let down

This past week we were asked to get a group together for a potential detail that would possibly start on Friday.

As normal I put the calls out to my guys and had one of my trusted assets call a couple guys to put on standby.

I needed PPS guys that were legal in VA that could also merge through DC without any issues. Those of us who live here in DC know the nuances associated with the district.

That being said we were ready by Thursday awaiting a final decision by the prime and the client.

After I reached out to the prime he was surprised that I had the specialists available and still ready. He kindly told me to stand down.

As normal I called my people and told them to stand down but stand ready in the event there were any changes.

I thanked the prime for the consideration and asked for a face to face to possibly solidify a future relationship. He obliged and we met. I felt bad because when he agreed to the meet I was dressed in range gear but headed out as I was. When I arrived he was sitting there as if he had just left a photo shoot and here I was arriving in gear resembling a PSD contractor with a Louis Vuitton bag walking around the mess hall after a long day of escorts.
I excused my present attire and we had a very productive meeting.

When I left the meeting I got a call from rhino who said that one of the guys that he had called was pissed because he had asked for 3 weeks off to work this detail. Who told you to do that? Nothing is guaranteed unless you have a plane ticket in hand (even that isn’t a guarantee) or you’re actually on site.

Stand by means stand by. This is the nature of our business. Understand that and you’ll be fine. When you get those calls know that the next call could be, “we didn’t get it”.

Independent specialist out here who have been successful in this know the difference.

This is not a fire drill, but staying ready ensures that you don’t have to get ready when the call comes, ” we are going hot tomorrow”

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